The Seed

The 11th Commandment

know Thyself  – evolve the Self

an exploration of life

interconnecting  science, myth, religion and intuition

Nigel Ipp (Nadi)

B Prim Ed, B Ed, Master Facilitator Virtues Project (TM)

Unpacking the Diamond of Quantum Self

Health         Creativity         Identity         Evolutionary Biology         Meaning       Flow

Virtues               Esteems            Intelligences

Relationships & Relativity         Interconnectedness         Communication       Uncertainty

Downloads and Links:

Individual Character Readings

Through deep listening and companioning, we will understand your strengths and your challenges. I will energise you through the gifts of your character. You will grow in confidence by seeing clearly the virtues that you do have and those that you may wish to consider. We will mind map a set of strategies and explore alternative ways of perceiving your sense of self, your relationships and your dreams. Together we will envision the person you are meant to be.

I am available for conversations in Cape Town or via skype – please contact me via email.

A trustworthy person strengthens our confidence.

Trust empowers cooperation, integrity and unity

.                                                                .

Love is the Law of God.

You live that you may learn to Love.

You Love that you may learn to live.

No other lesson is required.

The Book of Mirdad – Mikhail Naimy


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2 Responses to The Seed

  1. Ross says:

    Wow this is potent stuff. I can see I will be following your blog


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