Claiming my name …

I always get asked, “Where do you get your name Noddy from?” Sweet story and apparently true. I was about to be born. (WoW, it’s 60 years on now, 2016). My mother and her sister and daughters asked my 5 year old brother what the name for the new baby should be and he said Noddy. He was entranced by the new Enid Blyton series that had recently come out, somewhere in 1955. With much laughter they agreed and although they gave me the name Nigel, they all called me Noddy. As all doting families do, they said I was very sweet and that I nodded my head a lot. Many years later my friend Chris wrote it as Noddi and again after a few years I changed it to Nodi. Later again a further change was unintentionally suggested by Marie, with her beautiful French accent. Upon asking me my name she responded, “Ahh, Nadi”, with the emphasis on the ‘i’ pronounced ‘ee’. Since then I have felt that one day I would grow into Nadi. I think today is that day!!  On my way home I kept having, ‘out of sync’ moments, which alerted me to something in the air. I popped into Kalk Bay books and asked about Matt Ridley’s new book, Rational Optimists. Cathwrynn asked me what I did and during the discussion about my teaching and ‘disentanglement’ through life counselling, energy balancing and character readings, I gave her my card – Change Management – Facilitate, Enhance, Sustain. She grey sparkly and asked if I knew the group who were gathering practitioners to support each other to grow the ground swell of conscious evolution towards critical mass. I hope I have paraphrased this idea correctly. When she told me the name of the group, Nadi-Cocreating, I resonated and the spark of courage shot down my spine. I decided that today was indeed the day to make the change, at least on this new wordpress blog site, which Cathwrynn told me about.

I had know that Nadi is a powerful word originating from Sanskrit, linking with the word, Nam Name of God. I have come across it in the Sant Mat literature, who use the word Nad – The Audible Life Stream or essential spiritual sound. It is also in the name of the book, The World is Sound – Nada Brahma – Joachim-Ernst Berendt. He writes, “…nadi, meaning “river” or “stream” but also “rushing” or “sounding”. … The term nadi is also used to mean “stream of consciousness,” a meaning that goes back four thousand years to the oldest of India’s four sacred Vedic scriptures, the Rig-Veda”. This has been my spiritual practise since 1976 on the Sant Mat path and is slowly coalescing into my understanding of the book I have been working on: ‘the 11th commandment – evolve the self’, as well as other work which you can find on the site:  Sometimes this link doesn’t work so well, and if you do have a problem, please leave a message for me here or somewhere on the web. I would love to hear your thinking and understanding of this research of mine which reflects the unity and interconnectedness of science, myth, religion and intuition.

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