the most precious gift

the most powerful gift
we can give one another,
is the gift of listening
for it lasts for infinity,
in each others Souls
in patterns
that shape generations,
in understandings
that shape relationships.

To be heard
……is to be acknowledged.

To be heard tells us
we are on the same page.
Our ideas are taken seriously.
Our thoughts are discussed.
We share in conversation.
There is dignity.
The very quality of our choices,
our awareness,
our consciousness,

This experience sculpts us in the ways of interdependence, freedom and truth.

We experience being respected.
We are led to meaningful action.
We are empowered by the core of human rights,
the giving and receiving of Respect.

Understanding Resonates.

It is not the content of the ideas,
that drives respect and trust
rather it is the process
which unfolds.
Content and ideas discussed and explored,
clarifies thinking and feeling.
Power lies,
in the moment of Listening.
Here the conversation becomes deeply meaningful,
Here, when we know,
….we are being heard.

Let us choose interactive dialogue,
for this facilitates the probability
that enduring growth will take place.

When we take responsibility
for affording the human right to be heard to one another,
we ground our listening and our actions
in strength and consideration,
peace and vision.
Thus we become the supporters
and leaders of a generation
whose choices are forged and grounded
in their own values,
and whose attitude
is to take responsibility for the
consequences of their actions.

This is a living conversation
which builds trust and understanding
on the bedrock of listening.

This is the heritage of humanity
which locates human rights
on solid ground.

This kind of terrain, with
its dynamic conversation,
is a celebration of unity.
It grows a community of
respect and responsibility,
compassion and creativity,
courage and peace.

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