11-11-11 ~~~~~~The Power of One~~~~~I remember the thread

11-11-11 is the day I hoped to complete – the 11th commandment, evolve the Self. It hasn’t happened, but this is my story of 11:11.

During the years of my 40’s, I arrived at a conclusion. It was about synchronicity, serendipity and moments of interconnectedness. As these became more frequent, I became alerted to a mystery. I always anticipated and assumed something good was about to happen. I looked around and remained alert. I took lotteries, thought of love, meetings of new opportunities, I even thought I was destined to meet Bob Geldof after an intense synchronicity in Perth got me to try find him at his hotel. Nothing ever happened with those strong feelings of anticipation that always accompanied the special moment.

So I asked myself, “Are these synchronous moments at all relevant?” Since I was intensely moved by the unlikeliness of the events which spoke to me, I became convinced. I came to the conclusion that these synchronous moments DID mean something:

“Life is a matter of a miracle that is collected over time by moments flabbergasted to be in each others presence.” – Waking Life, the movie

But what? What in fact did they mean? The realm of my awareness responded. “It is the moment itself, given to you by the Universe as a meaning-full moment. It is relevant in and of itself. IT is enough. You don’t need it to be a portent of something good that is about to happen. It in itself IS the good that has now happened and the sense of heightened awareness, flow and meaningfulness that is accompanying it, is enough.” So from then on, whenever the moment happened I took it as a greeting from the Great One. The Great Spirit, the Universe, One Single Undivided Non-Dual Intelligence invited me to attend to my own gathering.

So now during the synchronous moment I get the sense of a greeting from the vast Universal Intelligence of unsolvable mystery and the greeting suggests to me the gathering of the fragments of my being into wholeness.  So I say “Hi” back. This is my Journey – heightened awareness, flow and meaningfulness. The dispersed fragments are pieces in the puzzle that is me and as they fit together, they describe my journey of evolving the Self into the form of a Whole Self. This conclusion that I formed in the years of my 40’s, opened me further to my journey on the highways and byways of Spirit, of Wonder, of Magic, of Beauty. It is The Journey and it awakens in me a romantic sense of aromatic essence, a nectar of purity drifting fresh from the Great Mystery of the Ocean of Love.

Since that time 11:11 began to visit me. I often found myself in front of a clock at 11:11 – always surprised! As this process continued over the years, I arrived at a point when I decided that the 11:11 moment itself was a greeting from the Great Being simply saying, ‘Hi’. 11:11 became a connection to awaken me to take One Step on the journey evolving the Self. And it happened regularly.

Sometime later I made the connection – the title of my text – the 11th commandment – evolve the Self had an 11 in it!! I took a further step. I asked, “What does the 11 mean?” And the answer came: ‘1’ is about oneness, singleness, wholeness, completeness and the other ‘1’ is an upright person, an ‘I’ and that ‘I’ is like ‘1’ in shape and intention. ‘I’ is the ‘Individual’ – the joining of the dual into Oneness.

Yet another ancient image crept in, that of the Aye. Sing Aye – Oneness in agreement, Unity in support.

And finally there is the Eye – the sound of which is the same as ‘I’. The seeing Eye, One Eye, Single Eye otherwise know in the east as the Third Eye:

“When thine Eye by Single, they whole body shall be full of Light”. Matthew 6:22

May your Eye and your I be 1 – One I, a Single I, 1I – and your whole Being will be complete. Undivided, Individual, Individuated, Unity. Sing the song of a Uni-Verse – 1 Verse – 1 Word – the Name – Nam – Nad.

‘Blessed be the Name of G-d forever and ever.’ – Daniel 2:22. This is the great teaching of all mystics – in the Eye of the Storm is the still and silent place – the Sound of Silence is a Uni-Verse, a single verse – Full of Light.

Our planet spins
It’s weather turns too
as heat rises and swirls around the earth
Clouds are the brush stroke of G-d

weather is a living mandala
orbiting the turning planet
ever changing the shape
of its Centre.

the mandala is
at once the centre
the surrounding environment

weather is context
weather holds
weather creates a centre
an I of presence
an Eye that sees
an I that acknowledges
Aye Am, indivisible, whole
without fragment,
I am 1
not the weather of circumstance.

This is the Eye of consciousness
I is Single
I is One
the Eye witnesses
1 I

Natural events
happen experience.

in the flap of a butterfly
a storm transforms into a
a typhoon
a cyclone
of wild power
tearing howling
turbulent chaotic
yet ordered
and with pattern
for in each is
a centre of peace and calm
a place of silence and stillness

The Eye of a Storm,
The I of 1 Self
the 11th commandment – evolve the Self

May the long time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.       Upanishads

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