Daydream Resonance

He stared glassily into the rock pool,
lapping blues beckoning.
they stared back at him.
attention shifted.

He stared down at the grass of interwoven green,
drying and dieing.
it stared back at him.
wholeness abounded.

He stared at the granite bolders across the rocks,
tufts of green, surrounded in blue.
they stared back at him.
memories smiled.

He stared into a canopy of leaves,
watching a whole tree live.
the tree stared back at the whole of him.
they lived.

He stared into the blue of the toddlers dream,
sucking a milk bottle into sleep,
slipping, slipping.
she stared back at him.
gladness throbbed.

He stared into the mind of his heart,
his knowing dancing consciousness.
he was staring back at himself
and they resonated in harmony across the cosmos.

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