This is the earliest public media page of THIS understanding of Being Human in the late 20th and early 21st century.
Versions of the work in progress have been on the following page since before 2012

the 11th commandment – evolve the Self

How does the Future call you?

Although well developed, this work in progress, when ready for publication, will embody and resonate an attitude of awareness, awake to the imperfection of self, and, directed and guided by one’s attention in the moment, we evolve!! The many understandings gathered and collected from a range of readings, researchers, practitioners and visionaries, support a rich tapestry – The Diamond of Quantum Self. Some of what is offered are tools, some approaches, some understandings, all to be engaged with, integrated and practised to get ‘good’ at this Being Human. We are called to understand the difference between a one dimensional straight line (linear) approach to one’s Life and the attitude of a multi-dimensional journey and adventure. This way of life imagines the understanding of a tapestry of threads ~ interdependent, interactive and interconnected. Each thread is an aspect of consciousness. It is alive as it weaves sometimes growing sometimes needing to be pruned. Each thread is influenced and affected by the gravity of the others. Life is then experienced as the self, growing it’s tapestry. At any moment, the tapestry reflects who One is Now. Life Awakens in degrees, with increasing capacity. Consciousness aligns with a dynamic experience of Being Alive. Of living. From one dimensional cause and effect growth opens us to a synchronicity of multiple causes and multiple effects similtaneously creating the symphony which is you.
The 11th commandment invites us to evolve the self, individually, by asserting that  commitment and sensitivity to this approach, with peacefulness, compassion and zeal, makes the difference. One Step! Only one step. Always One step! This summarises the paradigm shift explored in the work. It is a journey to the centre, deep into the Meaningfulness of Life.

I love how meaningfulness and synchronicity intertwine with each other.

I am enough,

BUT, I’m not perfect,

and THAT,

is okay.

I am a kind person,

I will try to develop

the person I am meant to be.

I call on my best self.

I choose Excellence!!!!

reflect remember repeat


Live Your Potential

Be the Human Being

you are Meant to be!!

the 11th commandment – evolve the Self
PreludeEvolve the Self – part 1
IntroductionEvolve the Self – part 2
Chapter 1Evolve the Self – Chap 1 part 3

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