Vision is not Projection

One thing

just to be,
and to be with myself in the moment,
and to be okay with what I have
and who I am
and not to project …….

that might be one of the most empowering things a person can do
not to project

use my sensors.
do not project.
know what I do. be true to it.
sew up the bag of now. Do not project.
have vision but do not project.
vision is based on what we know.
be open to change and be flexible with what is known.
use intuition, but do not project.

Do Not Project. Do be proactive.
take initiative. do not project,
for projection grows from desire and envy,
with insecurity and fear,
our anger and our revenge,
breeds envy and greed

they breed confusion

have clear understanding about the difference between,
intuition and hoping,
using our senses and desire,
proactive action and reactive insecurity,
vision and projection

The practise of projection
is disempowering.
it breeds unrealistic expectations,
is full of assumptions,
confused judgements
and the need to be right.

Whereas the foresight of vision
invites unity
and wholehearted living.
It is built on respect,
sincere care,
genuine consideration
deep listening.

Thus are boundaries grown,
clarity shone
and purpose purified.

Nodi Ipp
15-6-05 ed: Aug 2013

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2 Responses to Vision is not Projection

  1. caleb says:

    We admire whatever you have done right here. I love your part where you say you are carrying out this to present back on the other hand would suppose by all of the comments that’s working for you also. Do you have any further info on this specific?


    • nadiipp says:

      Happy to hear. Yes, no doubt, exploring and evolving Self is the journey of my life. The conversation with the moment, although it’s sometimes heated, intense and challenging, continues to open my mind, inspire my heart and add meaning. Please feel free to explore and engage in the conversation.


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