Beauty and the Mind

What is going on here? On the surface it’s obvious – human right discrimination! But, what questions does it raise about our response to beautiful people? How biased are we? In general, with the many interactions we have with others in our life, how biased are our responses? When we do sense bias in ourselves, how do we handle it? Do we stereotype? Do we generalise? Is there a Right Response to our bias?
For me, I know there is attraction and leaning and favouritism and I accept these feelings. It’s natural with family, friends, allies, acquaintances. But, does “it being natural” make it right or even acceptable? What does ‘being true to myself’ look like? I respond: ‘I intend to explore and include all facets – feelings, understandings, attitudes, values and actions’. Examining my conscience is my compass and my values are the stars, the beacons that guide me. In the end I try to integrate these words of Leonard Cohen’s when he says:-
“Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget – your Perfect offering.
There is a crack
a crack
in everything.
It’s for the light to get in!!”

the challenge of my experience with beauty and bias, is a response which is agile with my emotions,
to let go any judgement,
to accept difference,
to choose flow …


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