No Cure Healing

no cure healing Ilan

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          ~ 1 ~
Nature’s Waye
of Awakening,
is No Cure Healing.

A Human, a strong Tree in potential.
Seedling sprouts into sapling,
a youth branching out

surging into adulthood
multiplying connections
armed by flowers and fruits

an explosion of twigs,
bursting buds
into networks of life.

an elder discovers wisdom,
the sage lives inside wisdom.
Awakened seedling,

sturdy sapling,
generous adult,
humble Sage.

~ 2 ~
Nature invites us to our own growth,
fertilized, by the richness of earth,
weathered by storms and calm.

Experience can nurture or, it can prune.
Experience cuts and polishes.
Experience is a sculptor

… of our heart.
of our mind.
of the Soul.

Emotionally entangled or stuck,
wounded or unresolved,
circumstance, calls us, to Ourself.

~ 3 ~
Hoping for a cure,
and driven by our pain
ever deeper we explore, until

the awareness of our Honour, we locate.
Although here visited, many times,
on paths and threads,

traces and murmurs,
on nodes and neurons,
Only Now, scintillates awareness,

The Wound, I see it.
The Wound, I sense it.
The Wound is Sacred.

~ 4 ~
Now an awakened facet
cut and polished by experience and consciousness
reflects shafts of light,

at last the puzzle fits,
the interdependence of events
is plain and clear

interconnected networks
reveal context and pattern.
NOW we know

our Wounds are Sacred.
and these experiences are our sacred Waye
to the Holy

Holiness is shared with us
through our Sacred Wounds
and the elder learns How

to honour with reverence
to respect with humility
to celebrate with gratitude and with love.

~ 5 ~
Knowing the quality of our engagement
our mistakes and successes,
the struggle for vision

although short of the ideal
we realise, profoundly we see,
there is actually, no shame,

we are enough
and THAT is real.
We release our vice grip on perfectionism

which had confused and undermined
which had obscured transformation and interconnectedness
and which had shrouded process and excellence.

Now we acknowledge and affirm our own values and virtues.
We claim the attitude to own our experience
and we celebrate the victory over victim-hood.

We engage and alight
onto the very substance of who we really are,
a Force of Life,

~ 6 ~
We are the Life Force.
and now this aliveness
we experience, we see, and we allow

our process to be Honoured
with humility,
with sacredness and dignity.

Even as a wounded one,
who knows the trials and travails of the battlefield
and the arena of Life,

where imperfect struggle for authenticity and truth
is what matters,
here is a place where we have given our All,

to the journey of our life,
which seeks
integrity of Soul.

~ 7 ~
Even if the eyes of others disparage, or patronise, or disregard, or reject,
the veracity of our experience,
is the deep rooted Tree of our Life.

Here we resonate our best Self
wholehearted with all the cells of our body intact
interconnected and interdependent.

This is the organic transformation
from which emerges a Wounded Healer
on a sacred journey to Freedom from and in the pain.

Now the loss
the Wound,
is not dangerous.

It instead burns it’s heat
and shines its light
clearing assumption and judgement and criticism.

Here, is the healing of deep Acceptance.
I am enough,
in Resonance,

imperfect and okay.
I express and I channel
emotion that pours

irrigating, purifying and reflecting
in the place of the longing of my heart.
This longing,

and its tender vulnerability,
is alive
with the Effervescence of who I am,

it is both Pain and Truth
the very current of my Life
surfing me to completion.

~ 8 ~
No need to be cured from this pain
we are not in danger,
for the authenticity of its experience,

feeds the who of what we are.
Now we Honour this longing,
as the very fuel

of a sacred journey
compelling the sensitive,
calling the vulnerable and the tender hearted.

There is less reactivity
and more reflection,
on the still Lake of the Universal.

We can See now,
our journey, a gift of forgiveness,
compassion for self and wholehearted living.

With courage to be vulnerable,
the wisdom of detachment
is loved into compassion.

kindness, creativity, empathy, Strength,
we listen for our Self
in resonance with Others.

~ 9 ~
No Cure Healing
is the Waye of
One Step!

Take it,
One Step

When One Step is deliberate
and complete,
it blends all into Sacred,

into honour and into dignity.
an open Wound
whose longing wracks the heart

and guides the spirit
with the wisdom speak
of awakening.

one step,
taken again.
one step.

Nature’s Waye
of Awakening,
is No Cure Healing.

such awareness
transforms into wholeness and holiness
that endures

No Cure Healing was first conceived of in early July 2013 on a journey through the gorge of Petra, in Jordan by Nadi Ipp (Nigel). It is an ongoing challenge to express this life affirming dynamic.

Have a look at my facebook page: Organic Disentanglement which uses no cure healing in the journey of developing the self. Choose to grow toward freedom:

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4 Responses to No Cure Healing

  1. Andre Roothman says:

    Yes, ultimately all hinges on our taking this single leap (step) from Doubt to Faith. In these two positions, all is present, and the space between is the suspense (energy) of Maya.


    • nadiipp says:

      Can you clarify your thinking here Andre? From Doubt to Faith seems quite a big step to take? The understanding I am exploring in the idea of ‘One Step’, is usually organic, intrinsic and often, even though small, presents quite a personal challenge!


  2. Tess Batlis says:

    Beautiful Nadi….resonates on every level…
    You are a Blessing to us all…am so gratefu for your support…
    thank you for sharing my beautiful friend xxx


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