dreamscapes of the spirit

dreamscapes of the spiritBains Kloof (47)

a pool
off a quiet path,
surrounded by trees
of fresh green breeze
a bird twitters
a butterfly flaps
a frog sits
a dragonfly dances
tadpoles wait
in the warm golden twinkle

I observe myself
from a perch,
as I fully submerge
into my pool of peace.Bains Kloof (48)
swayed gently
under water
in wonder
i hear the silence
i see
of smooth white rocks,
drifting leaves,
flowing hair
and i am still
in deep peacefulness
immersed in the pool
i breathe gently in and out
the water
flows through
the life forceBains Kloof (72)
growing growing

i see under the water
i breathe under the water

the stillness in the pool
begins to settle
with gravity
its natural
gently swaying
on the rocky bottomBains Kloof (36)
and healing
with the sound
of silence
and the gentle touch of water on my skin

it’s a place i go to
when i take the time
to be still
in meditation




dreamscapes of the spirit

Bains Kloof (19)

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4 Responses to dreamscapes of the spirit

  1. Mischa says:

    This is stunning. It makes my muscles relax and my breathing slow. And the pictures are just so beautiful.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful space…silent…peaceful..healing. Love the space…undemanding. Love the pictures..all dreamy and nice.


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