Exploring Tenderness

Exploring Tenderness

Tenderness is active. It caresses and loosens. It unknots and affirms.
Tenderness affirms the fragility of life. It nurtures and nourishes.
Tenderness is flexible and harmonious. It is strength, in an ocean of vulnerability.
Tenderness is assertive. It affirms values and the wisdom of growth.
Tenderness is personal. It opens our defences to face our inherent softness.
Tenderness sprouts, grows and blooms compassion and love.
Tenderness evokes creativity. It accesses the unexpected.
Tenderness is decisive. It is vision without blemish.
Tenderness consults patiently. It responds from consensus.
Tenderness is practical. It chooses actions, which respond to needs.
Tenderness informs our struggle with mortality, maturing it into a glowing presence of acceptance.
Tenderness liberates the past into the present. It balms the pain of betrayal while dancing in the esteem of accomplishment.
Tenderness unifies the present, with a holistic and hopeful acceptance of the future.
Tenderness is reflective rather than reactive. It evolves intuitions that work.
It’s vision is broad. It includes what it can. It levels barriers. It designs optimum futures. Its structures complement and are benign.
Tenderness is the height of reason.
Tenderness is wisdom.
Tenderness is beauty.

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