curves everywhere

I like the feeling of walking from Victoria Road towards the sea – the sound of the waves gets louder as the motors fade into oblivion. I was stopped in my tracks though, as there, in the blue setting sun sky, slowly revealing itself, was the soft impression of a white crescent. The sickle, so delicate and pale, drew me. I stood. Still. With the Sickle. I could feel it tingling in my body. I breathed in the fresh sea air pure. the zone opened. perfection. Where was everyone? Only a handful of us noticed. A mystery! Waves crashed on the shore break constantly washing my brain with a sound – no rhythm, a wash, whish, crash, whesh – atuning my breathing into flow …. replenishing refreshing, renewing. I crossed on dry sand between the rocks and sea from Camps Bay to Glen Beach. The low low tide left a wide swathe of white sand on a giant spreading Glen Beach. Slowly. Slowly….(breathe a breath now …) the imperceptible movement of the sickle new moon followed the tail of the setting sun. As floating in the ether, I glided in the twilight music of waves on the shore towards the seldom accessible little beach with no name, which extended from Glen Beach towards Maiden’s Cove and which tonight was surprisingly open and expansive. Granite rocks and caves revealed themselves as if they’d never been there. Rocks that are usually surrounded by sea invited me to meet and greet. Still. In awe. Wondrous. The waves washed up the silver grey sand inviting my feet to play. The ocean called the liquid of my body and we ebbed and flowed together. Sickle Moon shone in my head. It curved out of the mauve sky like a smile playing on the lips of God. Divine fingers painted curves with golden light, curves and curves everywhere curves – and the light that shone through the crack in the sky, shone a new moon crescent deep into the skull of the still and silent One. Thus created curves, a shoulder, an arm, a pregnant belly, neck, breasts, a tochas, muscles, pears, oranges, mangos, plums and a baby’s head as it breaks through the womb into the world. In the strong but gentle hand curves the soft stroke of fingers and palm – the waye of the hand is the curve of Life – reike, polarity, reflexology, and massage ; tai chi, kung fu, caligraphy and art, piano and sax ; djembi and conga, bongos and drums ; chess, tennis, cricket and squash ; bakers, chemists, builders and chefs ; surgeons and dancers and the makers of Love…….

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