my ground

hidden in the mix of stuffIMG_5660
that makes up a moment,
is attitude
a way.

It is the ground from which we act !

Choose Flow as your way
in every momentIMG_6241 let it stay,
Explore your body
what that means
in nerves and brains
and blood streams
different for you
different for me
yet same and similar
it is familiar
our body power
radiant flower
from the sun above
our very own energy
with that star we loveIMG_5899

whenever you remember
awaken your flow,
stream of consciousness
let it go,
be the water song, gurgling along
and the air breeze, tickling leaves,
be the fire dance, orange trance
and the light beam, on the ocean gleam.

in the infinite moment2013-07-22 19.09.20,
where the Soul doth scintillate,
explore your body
what that mean

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