Affirmation – LIFE, is an adventure

When Life isn’t fast and furious.IMG_6879
When Life isn’t demanding.
When our primal emotions are at rest
and reaction has turned to reflection,
Don’t forget.
which is to say,
Life is not a conquest,

life is an adventure.

Prepare well, for your journey of a Lifetime,IMG_6847
through phases
and through seasons,
spiral experiences,
around and around
the year.

We change. We grow. We are pruned,
we develop
birth through childhood
into the teens,
young adults we become,
and the seasons spiral
elderhood and onward…
layers and layers of experienceIMG_6987
phase to phase
prepare and transform
inviting our step, from the familiar
into the uncertain,
into the unknown.

Whether ill prepared, or
well prepared,
our adventure
will transform.

These Seasons,
these life journeys,IMG_6756
are universal patterns
colouring life on Earth.
From preparation there is
Such is called, a Hero’s Journey
of growth, into
the person we are meant to be.

Choice cuts and shapes the edge of Now.
evolve the Self.IMG_6774

I am enough
BUT, I’m not perfect
And THAT, is okay.
I choose excellence
I choose flexibility

Reflect Remember Repeat
Spiral Season Journeys

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1 Response to Affirmation – LIFE, is an adventure

  1. Anonymous says:

    How true …..


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