the dance of attention

the dance of attention
(all things must pass)

ordinary attention
is like a butterfly,
where it comes to rest,
there lies its karma.

like the butterfly
attention flits,
from place to place
seeking sustenance

but where it lands,
there is never enough,
for impermanence and change
use it, they use it all up

fuelled by instincts to survive
along with the procreational drive
seeks songs of beauty,
a singing diamond night

many are the flowers
that attract the butterfly,
and myriad the forces
which attract our attention,


from object,
to desire,
to thought,

from fear,
to dream,
to vision.

Wrong use of attention grows attachment.
Like a spider, attention gets hold of something
and wraps it up,
over and over, in long threads of clinging silk.
Wisdom lies in correct use of attention.
Correct use, attends with balance
and withdraws from indulgence,
withdraws from attachment.
Withdrawing from attachment
is twofold, for
appropriate attention resolves and completes
but it also releases
From the cells of our body
From the desires of our heart
From the beliefs of our mind.
And releasing from our cells, our desires, our beliefs
awakens sensitivity to the life current
within us.

like sweat, or breath on a window, or ice in the heat
the dry becomes wet.
Tiny drops of Life
then gather
merging into a trickle.
When in meditation
we feel that trickle
attention notices something new.
Such noticing, is the food of attention.
Attention can observe the trickle or
it can enter it, stir it,
and attempt to increase the release of life force.

Noticing when the release is too powerful for attention’s capacity,
dance back away to look,
be receptive,
be the receptacle.
Receive, allow, then follow the energy.
See it
and be contained by seeing.
Witness it
and affirm its truth.
Such attention harmonises the witness with the energy
and attunement happens
and capacity increases.

Noticing such balancing,
act on it.
Dance in again to dig,
loosen, stir, express concentration
and take the lead, assert and create.

Such is the dance of attention
in the dynamo of duality.
from receptive to creative
around and around in cycles
of helix spirals that
spin the I of attention
until a single I is crafted
and a third eye pulses.
yin surges and yang ebbs,
their crescents and troughs
weave the thread of attention
on a loom of circumstance.

waves of creative attention gather, rise and
into receptive attention that
and spreads.

such is the teasing out of life force
with the weapon of attention.
the trickle of life energy released,
becomes a streamlet
with enough to wet the parched lips of

joyous tidings greet the heart
in celebration and salutation,
resounding chants echo and hum
spreading a tide of deep thankfulness.
And in these first meetings
between attention and life force
the soul’s excitement, like a little child
gobbles up the fruit of Eden
only to be caste out again, and again
we return
to the realm of wise attention
for growth, for maturing.

and the dawn
whose trickles and streamlets
merely wet lips,
moves on
into the early morning
of realisation,
releasing life current enough
to gurgle in laughing waters
chuckling creeks,
waterfalls resplendent
and rivers of peace.
a place for soul
to bathe deep in flow.

Such is the journey of soul
to know itself again and again.
discovering another centre
pocketed by the sphere
then stripped again
of the familiar
another skin shed
another layer of appearance
on the path
to pure essence
on the way
to raw nakedness
in the centre of the centre of the centre
of all
the path of attention
seeking centres

I Am That
the life current
on my way
to the Ocean
the spiritual ocean
where wholeness is complete
and attention exists in all
nowhere not to be found.

February 2002
Edited 28 February 2004
August 04
26 February 06

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1 Response to the dance of attention

  1. Mischa says:

    Such a beautiful way to explore powerful ways of being – through poetry.


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