THE Biggest Risk!!

Villains, Heroes TrustTrust and trustworthiness – THE big risk!!
one country to its neighbour,
one nation to another tribe,
one government to its citizens,
one politician to his constituents,
one corporation to its stakeholders,
one bank to its clients,
one pastor to his congregants,
one chief to his subjects,
one teacher to her students,
one father to his child,
one student to her classmate,
one thief to his conscience,
one bully, to a courageous peacemaker,
my drive to survive wants safety,
wants ease, wants freedom.
safety invites vulnerability
to let go,
just simply let go,
like getting into bed clean and washed
after a long and stressful day.

One Step
toward trust
One Step
toward dignity
One step
toward integrity
One Step
change yourself,
evolve the Self,
One Step,
change the world!!
to share the openness of being vulnerable
to risk deeply
One Step
appears incremental
to gather
together access,
to experience THE Great Freedom!
One Step.

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