Nobel Prize for Literature

Reflecting on the Nobel Prize for Literature conferred on Bob Dylan after reading his acceptance speech

….that there are at least two great poet singer songsters with a body of work worthy of consideration for nobility is remarkable even amazing. I feel blessed to have engaged with such sensitivity and the grappling with that which approximates truth. Also, that it is enough, that each play a significant part in the journey of consciousness of many human beings, for what really matters is not the Nobel Prize, but that they innately energise, motivate and support change development, in the consciousness of individuals. These shifts in individual consciousness collectively contribute toward a critical mass for evolution of consciousness. As the French Revolution spoke of ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’, so the revolution of the songsters speaks of ‘truth, freedom, peace and love’. Yet, today, December 2016, the world is more polarised by innate forces of territorial survival and the selfish gene imploring reproduction.

How to respond to the call, in the light of trumped up false news and ego power hegemonies whose main interest is not to govern for the people, but to gain personal political power. Nothing new, but this time is appears there is more to lose. So then, who to trust? Is there anyone whom you trust 100% – someone whom you know who is worthy of perfect unfettered trust? It’s rare. I don’t even trust Trump 100% to be the madman, thief, liar that he is. The right-wingification of current world trends, is a force which reawakens activism. Obviously it will be driven by contemporary forms of communication, but I remain inspired by the singer songsters Dylan, Cohen, Baez, Mitchel etc. whose style has a vulnerability in it’s empathy for their fellows.

So what is my action plan? Will I fight for peace? Yes I’ll grapple with the freedom paradox. And I do believe in love which is a life long learning. In all of this my friends who have journeyed with me through different terrains, I hear a call not to succumbing to numb. You? The moment, the period for me, forces a sharp contrast, a clear divide, a polarised way of being in the world, forcing an invitation to grapple with values that are coloured and populated by changing shades of grey …. what does this grappling look like? It reminds me of the following, which now echoes stronger than ever:-

Prayer for Fragile Ecology

We pray for the fragile ecology
Of the heart
And the mind.
The sense of meaning
so finely assembled and balanced
and so easily overturned.
The careful,
ongoing construction of love.
As painful and exhausting
as the struggle for truth,
is as easily abandoned

Hard fought and won
are the shifting sands
of this sacred ground,
this ecology.
Easy to desecrate
and difficult to defend.
This vulnerable joy,
this exposed faith,
this precious order.
This sanity

We shall be careful.
With others
and with ourselves.


Michael Leunig – When I Talk to You – A cartoonist talks to God

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2 Responses to Nobel Prize for Literature

  1. Mischa Ipp says:

    Wow. Can’t believe you’re writing about that man on here. Beautiful writing. I am closing my ears because I cannot take so much negativity, but I am remaining active so that I remain engaged in positive change.


    • nadiipp says:

      Activism Yes! Developing an action plan that conscientises the cells of bodies, so that ALL say yes – Holy Wholeheartedness in the face, a contribution to incremental change in a polarised world. It us the task of evolution now, to evolve consciousness.


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