Who am I? Who are your Children Really?

What really matters to you?
Do you care about growing your person?
When is change more imporant than staying the same?

What really matters for the children?
Does their identity matter?
How do you participate in the development of their Self Image?

Must self esteem be realistic or is it okay to use imagination?

The file below ‘Do You Know Your Child?’ is a set of possibilities, of what really matters about our Life Journey.
There is a the virtues list on page 3, to reflect on character strengths and challenges.

Then explore:
How are we in groups and teams?
What kind of attitude and response to the world do you have?
Which type of thinking is your strength?
How do you prefer to learn?
Where does your intelligence lie?
And finally what activities are our strengths – academic, sport, arts, technology?

Do You Know Your Child

I’d love to hear what you think about this as a meaningful and realistic assessment of our children and ourselves!!

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1 Response to Who am I? Who are your Children Really?

  1. Mischa Ipp says:

    Very cool document!!!!


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