Day Dream Meditation

A journey for your imagination: You’ve been out in the land, on the mountain, amongst the trees and you’ve survived and hunted and gathered. You and your people are taking a rest by the waterfall, on the rocks, beside the pools and the gurgling streams as they pour from golden pool to golden pool. You’ve been high on adrenalin, dopamine, endorphins in the dangers of the forest, but now, now you are letting go. You feel safe and release your grip. You are entranced by the light as it flickers and dances on the water. The sounds of the different pouring water streamlets and the cascading waterfall blend in your brain. You enter the pool and drink in the freshness. Emerging, you stand tall and reach for the sky, stretching all the tension out into the ether while you inhale the aroma of flowers and nature surging. You find your favourite rock and sit and stare into the distant trees and reeds down the river and are lost in your day dream as the foilage sways in the breeze. Leaves rustle. Tiny birds chirp. Then, you find your self again and notice how open you feel, your emotions totally relaxed, not focused on any one thing, staring into Beauty as it pours back into you. You shift into the Meditation of the Day Dream zone. You are one with the moment, staring into it, with it, a part of it, not separate. You are Awake. You are in Flow. You are replenishing your inner spirit as you breathe it all in and breathe it all out. When you step out of the Sacred Moment, you are replenished fully. As you beam your smiles with your people, you pour pure Love into the atmosphere, sharing with each other. This, you and your people have done for generations. This is the heritage of Humanity.

Day Dream Meditation is a primal pattern etched into our genes by the great and sacred mystery ~ Life. It is a subliminal presence, the heritage of birth. It is so obvious that it’s been missed. It hasn’t been noticed as something TO DO!! This is partly because day dream meditation is an experience that is not about survival or the romance of finding love, a mate, reproduction of Self. Day dream meditation is Mindfulness that mines ever deeper into the present. Day dream meditation releases Presence, Soul, Spirit.

It’s natural to day dream. It’s what we do sometimes. Everyone does it, without trying, without learning. Day dreaming, is a state and a process, of pure openness.

Mostly though, our day dream zone, the space of inner openness is populated by thoughts. The Self gets lost in this dreaming, awake, but not alert. When we do catch ourselves day dreaming, like our teachers and parents, we often admonish ourself for wasting time in our day dream. Quickly we revert to the ‘normal’ everyday consciousness of a human doing who solves and sorts, responds and plans, who reacts and defends and celebrates and complains, who analyses and argues, to win and be right, to survive and mate  ….

This kind of normal is necessary, nothing to judge, it’s normal. And so is day dreaming. So what then is this ‘new’ practise ~ Day Dream Meditation? In truth, it is not ‘new’, it is old, old enough to have been from the beginning. What then IS the difference between usual day dreaming and this new sensitivity ~ day dream meditation?

It’s totally simple ~ INTENTION. Our Self seeks replenishment, but not always by sleeping. When a person’s intention is to be aware, to open into the day dream, OR, we find ourself, we notice ourself already in the day dream zone ~ then stay, choose, intentionalise meditation – breathe first, notice, see, hear feel, taste and smell. Intend to be attentive and do it with excellence.
~ human being not human doing ~
and alert
to what is Now ~ with our senses,
with breath,
consciousness ~ then,
day dream becomes,
Day Dream Meditation.

But, when anxiety, threat, danger or simple busyness of day to day life is demanding our attention, the door to the Day Dream Meditation Zone is closed. The Day Dream Meditation circuit is switched off.

Imagine being in the zone. Intentional. Observe the ebb and flow washing the sea shore beach of your conscious Self.

Watch yourself,
alive to Being,
reflecting and alert.
The moment is timeless,
in, and out,
in, and out.
Notice your body and your breath in a rhythm of simplicity, ease and wellbeing.
Balanced, grounded, Present.
This experience replenishes the mind and the Being, with alive, fresh, ever new and pure energy. And it’s free, part of our nature.
It’s our heritage as a sentient conscious Being.

Day Dream Meditation is a hard wired expression of our DNA.

Step into the Sacredness of the Day Dream space. Then, let it happen. Allow it. Let go. Accept the moment. Automatically you will uncover this natural gift that exists in you from birth ~ creativity compassion, integrity, peacefulness.

Much research has been done by the top universities. In this blog you will find an entry for links that I support, some of which are the universities which do this research. Topics also included empathy, social intelligence, cultural values and norms, compassion, gratitude, idealism, courage, virtues and resilience, etc. As a result I am working to create a prototype centre which focuses on this science of meditation, mindfulness and visualisation. A wholehearted space for social connection, music art books and wellbeing. If you are interested in being a part of this, be in contact, here or on my facebook page – Day Dream Meditation –

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