Vulnerability ~ the essence of Self

Who am I?
Consciousness at the Centre of Circumstance
The Eye of the Storm Meditation

1) Breathe – Do a full body awareness. Check with the breath.
2) Relax … so relaxed … you feel light. Light as a feather. So light that you feel as if you are floating. Floating and rising. Your spiritual body is rising. You are very light now. Your body transforms into Light. Can you see yourself, your light, flying above the earth, wind flowing and singing in your ears. Suddenly now, you realise, you are disconnected from the life you lead, watching from above. Breathe.
3) Feel the support of the air, in your wings, like an eagle who knows every breath and wisp of air and how to ride it. Light is free in the high air. Look down as you fly. Below, there is a giant white spiral of clouds, spread across the ocean. Notice the black spot in its centre, the Eye of the Storm. This. the most powerful and chaotic of Nature’s mysteries, has in it’s centre a place of peace. A place of silence. A place of stillness – where not even birds sing.
4) Visualise this Eye of Stillness. Breathe deeply into it, and Peace will call the cells of the body and the flow of your light. Allow your body of light to fly towards that hole, that window, the spot at the Eye of the Storm.
5) Breathe …. As the Eye gets closer, notice the spiral clouds. Their form is in the shape of the events of your life. The events are already in motion and just as the imprints of past events dissolved as the spiral spun, the current events too must dissolve while others evolve out of it.
6) Breathe. Trust. This is an important moment. It is the moment of Deep Acceptance of impermanence and the fluidity of identity. This, true nature is Pure Vulnerability.
7) Breathe. Notice the thread of familiarity as it unravels. It is the thread of continuity – it is the ever changing self – same same, but different, same, same but different. In such vulnerability is great strength.
8) Breathe into this truth and see the Eye of the Storm, surrounded by the weather of your individual life. In vulnerability is endurance.
9) Breathe into the peace. Breathe into the stillness. Breathe into the silence, the centre of your vulnerability, the Eye of the Storm. The events and circumstances, the people and places that make up your life, this is your weather system. Choose to be with simplicity ~ in the simple centre of peaceful awareness in the Eye of your Weather pattern. There is primal, vulnerable Self.
10) Breathe: I suggest that the seat of this simple awareness, your peaceful centre is a place of power and healing. It is the lava in the substratum of your being. What is this lava substratum of vulneribilty. What is the role of the lava. With your attention like a penetrable probe, enter the lava. What do you feel in this substratum of your being? You are totally vulnerable and therefore free from the need to build crusts. Could this lava be the essence and the nature of consciousness, vulnerable as it is forever in change.
11) Breathe the Eye = I is separate but connected inexorably to the weather, the set of circumstances that is the life of a person.
12) Breathe and let go into it. Allow yourself to blend and flow with the spiral form of your life as it is turning. Stand in your truth. Know what you know. Know that you will act out of your truth. Choose excellence. Are you with the spiral in its turn and its flow? Be in the still and silent I = Eye.
13) Breathe – let the pace of the spiral slow down now. Feel the slowness as it moves toward stillness.
14) The ‘hands of nurture’ cradle your heart in their cup. The hands of ‘true tenderness”. Let go into the stillness of The Eye at the Centre. Submit with deep trust to the safety of the moment. Open to vulnerability. Be strong. Be tender.
15) Breathe – let the pace be very slow now, almost still. Attention alert and sensitive. Essence of The Presence, in the very atoms of silence, vulnerable, tender. Add Compassion, mix it tenderly, with vulnerability in the Eye.
16) Breathe ~ be still. Breathe ~ listen in the Eye, your I, be still, breathe, listen with tender attention. Can you hear the Sound of Silence. Listen. Listen. Be still. Breathe
17) When your capacity is full, it’ll be soon time to withdraw from the sacred space. … First Notice. Allow attention to give permission to end the session. Then, slowly, move your fingers and your toes. Stretch and release muscles. As you regain normal feeling slowly open your eyes and witness the present.

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  1. Mischa says:

    Just extraordinary


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