Engaging with the late John Kavelin

Conversation: It’s sacrosanct. It’s key. It’s necessary.

Reflect. Listen.
Reflect. Develop.
then listen some more ….

I remain interested in the conversation. Ethical conversation – a process revealing facets of truth. During the conversation, facets mature and connect, find their relationship with other facets. As they connect and join, they become parts and pieces of other more complete truths.

Ethical Conversation crosses rank.

Christel House parents explore the feeling of being heard and seen.

One of the differences between young people and adults ~ is that when young people make mistakes, they are called out by each other and older people. Fairly blatantly!! In this way it’s harder for young people to find a place for themselves to grow a wholehearted sense of self. Often this verison of an emotional roller coaster is full of guilt, shame and blame – self image is fragile and unrooted. Others judge and make assumptions and the rank of age patronises. Protecting self can lead to a hardening of the heart as we defend ourselves from people who make us feel bad and ‘get us into trouble’. The Simpsons TV series uses this kind of conflict. The audience recognises the shame blame patterns of their day to day life. We are exonerated by the naughtiness and badness and ignorance and stupidity of Homer and Bart and most of the other characters, but these are contrasted by the goodness and cooperation and care of Marge and Lisa. (is this a gender stereotype that has been further entrenched?) Recognising this in our lives and our relationships, we laugh in comic relief. But in the hustle and bustle of in groups and out groups, getting into trouble, being right and and being wrong, the stark contrast becomes a tangle of knots about how to be and, who am I supposed to be and, how do I choose what is real. So all to often youngsters, in their entanglement, lose heart and self-belief.

Nodi listening in a unity and empowerment circle – grade 5’s

BUT, older people are more often our own bosses and more often don’t need to answer to others, so when we make mistakes, we ignore it or pretend ‘it’s all good’ or argue with someone, because of the shame of being wrong, or the ego that needs to be right. Needing to be right blocks genuine listening and reflection. So we suppress our feelings, acting or pretending we are in control. As these habits become entrenched from our youth, they can lead to versions of addiction – money, power, alcohol, drugs. These will mess with our clarity of thought.

So in the quest for fairness and integrity, as we endeavour to respect our responsibilities, we are challenged not to have our discernment skewed. We grow and develop independence and interdependence when we can feel that others see us, they listen to our thinking and they respect our rights. This kind of conversation grows trust and brings down walls that damage communication.

Old friends matter

Emerging from the moments of Life, pieces of the puzzle form, like drying lava taking shape, becoming whole and complete. Consciousness engages. Pieces are applied to the current, itself a phase in a tragectory of maturation. Completed pieces of the puzzle then realise and see that they themselves are now pieces that fit into sets of other pieces. These sets combine again into another level of the whole, as if ever larger puzzles continue to combine into larger unity.
This pattern continues with ever evolving transformation as new Coherent Wholes evolve into themselves. The lava cools into solid land.
This complexity unfolds in the cauldron of Conversation, in the stew of dialogue, in the flow of discussion.
Continue working the puzzle. That is to say, never stop.
Converse with Self, the Great One, Humans, Poetry, the Uni-Verse, Mountains, Animals, Rocks, Plants, gods, Story, streams and Rivers and Trees.
Continue the Conversation ~ IT is what evolves the Self.

It appears that meditation and prayer is the Conversation that evolves Consciousness.
As this happenes, limited views are unpeeled and drop away. Views are enhanced as Capacity increases and grows
to see afresh,
to feel alive,
to receive replenishment,
to steer and to surf and to Dance.

Watch, as stagnation takes hold. It’s normal, like the winter of the process. But, spring will come!!

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7 Responses to CONVERSATION

  1. Loved that Nadi …..Thanks X

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  2. Chris says:

    Articulating the sound. Coalescence of the Many toward the One.

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  4. Mischa Ipp says:

    To see afresh, to feel alive 😍

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