Fierce Peacefulness – Reconciliation & Restorative Trust

When the lake is still, it reflects everything in its eye.


reflections of peacefulness ~ the stillness of the lake

Being in nature,
a still lake,
perfect harmony


of shrubs and reeds,
of rocks eternal,
and flowers ephemeral.

clouds drift.
leaves sway.
shade dapples.
water invites.

a place to play,
the forest.
for rest.
for calm.

breathe deep,
through your nose.
then hold lungs full.
breathe out slow,
then hold it empty.
pure breath of oxygen,
cleansing breath of carbon dioxide.

Calm in the body. Everything at ease.
Peacefulness in heart and mind,
Soul in peace.

the struggle ~ the birth

Standing on the Island – Madiba’s Crucible of Fierce Peacefulness – ‘I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.’

In peace, there is no violence. In peace, there is no harming. In peace, there is no shaming and no putting people down. In peace there is no fear. In peace, we are safe. We feel confident and cheerful. In peace we share, we feel the respect of others. In peace we are creative and celebratory.
We feel free to be the person we’re meant to be.
In peace we restore and mend brokeness in our relationships. We make amends. There is trust, for those that are trustworthy.

Choose now, in your heart. What does dependability feel like? Choose now, in your mind – reliability. Choose now in your soul ~ trustworthiness.

Stand fiercely to make peace. Stand strong to hold safe boundaries in all relationships.

For peace to shine, ‘get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.’ Stand up for other’s rights. Be an advocate of Peace and be fierce about it. Make war against war – as a peaceful warrior showing discernment, perception, fairness, gentleness, assertiveness and courage.

It is our responsibility, to respect the rights of others. In peaceful teams be responsible, say no to bossy people. In peaceful groups, say no to bullies. Protect each other’s right to be safe. Protect each other from bullies. Help bullies find a way to become respected leaders.

When we are safe our feelings can be calm. When we are safe our mind can be still. Like the peaceful lake, that reflects the blue skies, the white clouds, the stautesque trees, the fish eagle and the butterfly. And when the sun goes down, the lake reflects again, the full moon as it makes a path of light between the stars silhouetting the fierce silence of the night.

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