Nature Haiku

fresh skies, a rock

fresh sky, birds, leaves crunch.
trees. a rock, a path, stream flows.
healing happens here

trees, a path, healing happens here

In this safe space.
In this place of healing,
let go
that which you are holding in stress.
Submit these burdens to the stream.
Now cut the threads that hold you,
feel the wound,

Heal in honour of Self.
But seek no Cure.
The wound is made
of your experience,
that which has mattered to you,
which is Sacred.

It is worthy of your Honour.
It is worthy of the pain,
in the place of your loss.
Self compassion onto the wound,
to feed your love.

with intention to flow,
attune your attention
in the silence,
of rustling and swaying.

choose this zone
that aligns with the current.

effortlessly surf
the river of your life,
flexible and fit,
within the day dream …..
awake, meditative, in flow….


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2 Responses to Nature Haiku

  1. Love Haiku ….Thanks Nadi ……XXXX

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  2. Anonymous says:



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