Immune System Meditation

Immune System Boost ~ Day Dream Meditation

~ appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude ~

Use these for 10 – 20 minutes whenever appropriate in your day. Even 5 minutes at a time.

  • Start by standing or sitting feet together and relaxed. Look into the distance  ~ a tree, body of water, light reflection, whatever your eye is at peace with – open yourself to staring at your object.
  • Relax into your stare, stay awake in this Day Dream Meditation zone, awake in your stare.
  • With feet together stretch up tall, taut, arms up stretched above the head with palms together – inhale deeply through the nostrils – purification breath of oxygen. Hold full lungs and press the oxygen in the lungs into the alveoli, little grapes that perform the magic of diffusion and osmosis. Fill your blood with pure oxygen. Work your muscles, all your cells – to receive the purity of the moment.
  • Relax the muscles, bring arms down either by your side or into the seed position, palms together in front of your heart, or open your palms like petals. Exhale through the mouth with pursed lips ‘blowing out the candle’ – cleansing breath of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, or the nostrils with a sound of satisfaction – empty the lungs completely, then hold the emptiness for a count of 4, ready to repeat the process – stretch through the whole process again ~ inhale the fresh oxygen and then cleanse out the carbon dioxide.
  • Stay in the zone, the day dream meditation zone ~ an awake stare with your peaceful space ~   a tree, body of water, light reflection, whatever your eye is happy with.
  • Stay relaxed into your stare – your Day Dream, your zone, your Meditation.
  • After 3 or 4 stretch sequences, (you can make up your own if you wish) along with in and out breaths, your body will feel more relaxed than before.
  • Keep your attention on your breath. In and out. Stare. Be awake. Notice the peace in your chest and your solar plexus. Relax into the Day Dream Meditation of awareness, alert with the breath.
  • Be open. Let the energy flow. Feel the release of goodness in your heart. Feel compassion for every cell in your body. Direct attention into deep acceptance as it flows through every cell.
  • Talk to the cells of your body. Be their friend. Thank each healthy cell. Be thankful for the job they do to keep you doing all the things in your life. Offer them the purity of fresh oxygen and good food. Appreciate the job your cells do. Feel appreciation toward your body.
  • Have gratitude toward your immune system. Thank it for doing a miraculous job in healing skin, bones and tissue. Be the impartial observer, let go and relax.
  • Invite your immune system to heal parts of your body, organs, bones, skin that you know are needing healing.
  • Direct your attention to the part of the body that needs healing. Imagine it and put your hand with closed fingers, palm down, over the area that needs healing.
  • Talk to your self: ‘I will relax and get out of the way. I will as best as I can, be the impartial spectator. Immune system, great mystery as you are, go in droves. Descend on the invaders. {nasal in breath of pure oxygen ~ inhale to hold} Heal the damaged ~ {lips out breath exhale ~ blow out the candle ~ cleansing carbon dioxide ~ hold} Get rid of the invaders. {in your own time, between the thoughts and visual images, use the purification oxygen in-breath ~ hold ~ the cleansing carbon dioxide candle exhale ~ HOLD – with stretching and releasing. Alternate with tight stretches and complete release like a puppy dog. Follow what feels intuitively right for you} Do your job. Immune system, heal my …….. I will give you everything you need – rest, attention, reminders, the best food I can, breath, warmth, relaxation and peacefulness. Then you, immune system, will give full focus on healing me …. ‘  
  • Breathe into the impartial observer, stand back for your immune system to do what it is meant to do. Direct attention to the parts of your body so your immune system is most efficient in healing.
  • Observe – remember thankfulness. Remember appreciation. Remember gratitude. Allow contentment.
  • Let go – relax – be with the process.
  • Breath like the slow ebb and flow of a still ocean in day dream meditation. Continue until you are ready to slowly open up back into the familiar day to day moment. One part of the body at a time.

Choose to stay in the Sacred Moment as you can.

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