Visualisation ~ Detachment and Tenderness in the Eye of the Storm

Wisdom, Fragility, Vulnerability, Choice Action

The Hand and the Butterfly Meditation

1) The Hand is open and gentle and strong. It is the Giant hand of Intelligence, wisdom, effect. It combines with the Eye of the Storm, by having the Eye in its centre, the chakra, the reiki hand centre. Here is the window through which spirit energy flows into the body.

2) the hand is the symbol of action. awareness and wisdom, express through the hands – the hand of defence, of attack, the hand of gentleness and support, the hand of technology and of play, the hand’s at work day after day. Its in our greetings and our art, its in the gardens we grow and the love we make. The hand is the expression of awareness it can give it can take, it can mend and it can break. The hand is soft and it is rough, small in the baby, large in the tough, it can play the violin, it can play the fool, it can tickle and it can dance, it can shoot and it can prance. Tai chi, reiki, shiatsu, reflexology, karate, riding, cricket, rugby, ballet, jazz. it is with the hand that i write and it is with the hand that i gesticulate. it is with the hand that i stroke and express love.

3) Awareness of the Butterfly – delicacy, presence, ethereal, intuition, small actions that can result in big consequences, interconnectedness, beauty, serendipity, synchronicity, timing, humility, deep respect, reverence.

4) From the choice implied in the hand, to the chance implied in the butterfly, we are caught in the weather of our life, but, whatever the weather, chaotic or peaceful, there is always the still and silent place at it’s centre.

5) A pin prick into the centre the busiest of busy lives and there we have it – the Eye of the Storm, The I of Self, still, silent. A place of peacefulness. Close your eyes, see the storm from afar, prick a tiny hole in its centre and Breathe into it. The Place of Deep Peace

6) you can repeat it at your Eye = I centre as you stare at the image or as you visualise it. You can whisper it, ‘peacefulness’. Breathe into it. Flow through it. Be at home in it. Be at peace with all parts of yourself.

Prayer for Fragile Ecology

We pray for the fragile ecology
Of the heart
And the mind.
The sense of meaning
so finely assembled and balanced
and so easily overturned.

The careful,
ongoing construction of love.
As painful and exhausting
as the struggle for truth,
is as easily abandoned
Hard fought and won
are the shifting sands
of this sacred ground,
this ecology.

Easy to desecrate
and difficult to defend.
This vulnerable joy,
this exposed faith,
this precious order.
This sanity
We shall be careful.
With others
and with ourselves.


Michael Leunig – When I Talk to You – A cartoonist talks to God

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