Contacting Nodi

I invite you to peruse my consolidated website co-created and inspired by ethical conversation.


I offer process healing for individuals, couples, families and larger cluster groups.

Misunderstandings and alienation. Exclusion, anxiety, trauma. Rejection and betrayal. These knots of entanglement hold us stuck.

Fierce peacefulness in ethical conversation,


builds a relationship of high trust.

Here, in circles of justice and fairness, unity and empowerment we find that organic disentanglement can restore one to wholeness.

From the judgment, the assumptions and


the expectations that are the fuel for our instinctual need to be right, we are invited to release the hurt, confusion, guilt, shame and blame we carry.

Through support, we intentionalise the process of no cure healing.


Here we transform from the limitation of our clinging. Here we loosen the knots that have held us. We untie. We let go, opening, recognising, understanding. We move slowly. Organically, we feel our dance of flow. Here we become free.

This is the purpose of our sacred wound. Slowly, we awaken to our core nature. Trust in our way unfolds. We evolve the Self.

vulnerability ~ wholeheartedness ~ compassion ~ peacefulness

the aromas of essence


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