The Times – September 2020

Neil Yound and Bob Dylan

Inspired by Neil Young’s rendition of ‘The times they are a changing’, by Bob Dylan. The Times

He was angry and this made him sad,
an energy thread of the Times.

identity blended in
images of self
bouncing around the walls and mirrors of our mind
while feelings of self ponder and wonder and claim,
by social media ‘rising’,
meme, code, convention,
figure or ground?
stream of consciousness
everyones a part
of this tension dynamic
their place
on a continuum
where impersonal key strokes,
create a digital statistic,
and an analog description
of personal opinion,
thoughts that unfold,
values that contradict.

linear is the figure
ground creates context

self righteous and altruistic, intense, polarised, deconstructed and reconstructed… disentangled and re-entangled
the internet’s instant news, instant fame, fake news, cyber bullies, systemic bias, bots and trojans, virus and information

Southern Man when will you pay them back?

empowerment of the previously and currently disdained,
black lives matter
gender violence matters,
fear of exclusion,
fear of rejection,
fear of betrayal,
fear of violence.

whose rights?
what responsibilities?
other races.
other religions.
other ethnics.
and Donald Duck’s constant quackery (tweeting birds, sing songs of beauty, he lies and imagines he can control nature)
ZumaGupta sucks and spews (societal excrement),
corruption and lies,
but who will blink an eye?

there’s identity theft,
there’s multinational trade,
and corona 19 v
Aisan youth emerge,
the Chinese Tiger roars
India surges
and Germans are generous, compassionate, empathetic,
while some people want restorative not retributive justice,
reconciliation not division
unity not distrust
conversation matters.

still we wonder about climate change, environmental damage, species extinction, poverty, health, population, sustainably…

fierce peacefulness?
A collection of the Times.
it’s not newspaper
it’s happening now,
The Times…

He was angry, and this made him sad.


MICE = Media Information Computer  e

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2 Responses to The Times – September 2020

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully written, balancing some important negative angry realities with the beauty and positivity that anchors your way of being in the world, thank you for sharing!


    • nadiipp says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Especially that you saw my perception of the complexity of contradictory forces – positive and negative. I long for the power of fierce peacefulness and high trust to empower the restorative harmonies of truth, respect, care and empathy.


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