Develop the Self with ethical conversation and fierce peacefulness

As the Cape winter of 2013 struggled into the hope of early spring – a friend sent me the baby hippo ancient tortoise story.  I was astounded that different species with different eating habits, living habits and even different needs can meet and bond. It is for me a sacred holy mystery, that pure life can sometimes trump evolutionary differences. Competitive territorialism is primal and almost always dominates animal behaviour, except sometimes! This is not evolutionary behaviour 101!!

Reflecting and exploring this mystery clarified the meaning and purpose of my work around Develop the Self and what it is I am wanting to share. If you go to the Inspirations menu or use the link: Life Transcends Difference , you may have your heart opened to vulnerability and tenderness.

The thinking behind this blog is contextualised by the 11th commandment ~ evolve the Self. Today 15 September 2019, I have changed the title of this blog from Develop the Self. My evolution of Self has clarified into the notion of Fierce Peacefulness ~ Truth and Reconciliation. It is through ethical conversation, organic disentanglement and restorative practises that I work to develop a high trust environment. My work is now clearer in purpose and scope.

So, my vision has hopes, effort and dreams which are to:
enhance Life with increased creativity, excellence, wholeheartedness and vulnerability, by intentionalising the conscious choice to evolve the Self.
The world is a better place when people affirm and intentionalise their values with being Conscious in a peaceful and respectful way.

I choose evolve the Self.
I choose to be proactive and intentionalise.
I choose Being the Change I want to See in the World.

~~~ inspirational ~~~ meaningful ~~~ humorous ~~~

I believe that human rights are inseparable from human responsibilities.
I believe in facing challenges as participants not spectators.
I believe respect, humility, strength and fairness matter.
I believe authenticity is a blend of tones ….
creativity and joyfulness,
assertiveness and tact,
justice and fairness,
kindness and courage,
trustworthiness and integrity,
vulnerability and tenderness.

Live with idealism and
Live with dignity.
I honour Life.
I honour Simplicity.
I Play ….

… hard!
I play serious.
I play Light.
I play the music
and sport,
play me Go
play an instrument
play for phunnn
play with.
play on.
play beside.
play for.
play in.
play out.
play there.
and play here.
‘Come to a play’
‘Come and play’
but don’t play me
as the little girl said to her Granny,
‘Come play with me on the jungle gym Greta’,
and they did …

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