Who am I ? …. A name, A label, a hu – man be – ing … ??

I always get asked, “Where do you get your name Noddy from?” Sweet story and apparently true. I was about to be born and my mother and her sister and daughters asked my 5 year old brother what the name for the new baby should be and he said Noddy. He was entranced by the new Enyd Blyton series that had recently come out. With much laughter they agreed and although they gave me the name Nigel, they all called me Noddy. The doting family they are, they said I was so sweet and that I nodded my head a lot. Later my friend Chris wrote it as Noddi and again after a few years I changed it to Nodi. Then a further change was unintentionally suggested by Marie, with her beautiful French accent. Upon asking me my name she responded, “Ahh, Nadi”, with the emphasis on the ‘i’ pronounced ‘ee’. Since then I have felt that one day I would grow into Nadi. I think today is that day!!  10 – 8 – 2010

A sprouting Seed, grows with support into a Sapling and a young Tree …

evolve Your authentic Self – change the world

… check the full rap at: https://nadiipp.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/claiming-my-name/

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