Ahimsa – harmlessness in thought, word and deed

“A wound inflicted on the body with a sharp weapon heals up in time, but not so the wound that the tongue inflicts on the heart of a man. Beware of hurting the feelings of any living being. This should be given as much importance as the vows of abstinence from meat …. intended to impress upon the mind the idea of ahimsa, harmlessness or non-injury by thought, word or deed.” – Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji

Science of the Soul, Jagat Singh Maharaj, pg 202, Radha Soami Satsang Beas, 1987 (7th Edition)

2 Responses to Ahimsa – harmlessness in thought, word and deed

  1. mischa says:

    It’s interesting, because most people haven’t made vows to be abstinent from meat so I feel like the quote loses its power in that context. But I love the poetry of the tongue inflicting a wound on the heart. Beautiful.


    • nadiipp says:

      It is true what you say, but I chose to leave that part of the quote in, for it invites a question about ahimsa – a Hindu notion, which is the basis of Hindu vegetarianism – compassion for suffering. The poetic sense of a wounded heart, speaks to the sacredness of life and living. Every experience, leaves it trace in the neurons and the cells of our bodies and influences our choices. And such a vow of ahimsa, can be healing for the sacred wound of the heart. Thanks Mischa – beautiful indeed!!


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